Caribbean Report 08-05-2000



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:28)
2. The US Navy has resumed bombing exercises on Vieques Island in Puerto rico after protestors who tried to block the resumption exercises were removed. (00:29-02:05)
3. The Organization of American States has given the “all clear” to Haiti’s voter registration process. Elections will be held on May 21. The 18-member mission will remain in Haiti to observe the elections. A Canadian election worker was ordered expelled from Haiti for the publication of a report criticizing the government’s election planning. (02:06-05:25)
4. Political violence is taking place in the Dominican Republic with election just a week away. Two persons have been killed so far. Many persons are trying to leave the island for Puerto Rico in small boats. (05:26-08:24)
5. CARICOM Foreign Ministers meeting is being held in Trinidad. They are expecting an explanation on Cuba’s withdrawal from its bid to be part of the African, Caribbean, and Pacific grouping. CARICOM had championed the Cuba’s application to join the ACP countries and benefit from the trade relations with the EU. However, under the new Lomé rollover agreement, the EU is attempting to link funding and access to their markets to a country’s human rights record. (08:25-10:19)
6. The matter of Cuba joining the ACP grouping and its future relationship with the EU, was addressed by Eastern Caribbean leaders who met last week in Grenada. OECS Heads of Government have said they will raise the issue in London at the meeting with British officials including Prime Minister Tony Blair. (10:20-12:51)
7. Michael Jordon, American basketball hero, has been invited to CARICOM-sponsored regional cricket conference in Barbados on June 1 and 2. CARICOM governments are looking to Jordon for inspiration from his excellence in sports, to restore the West Indies to the top of the world cricket league. (12:52-15:07)