Caribbean Report 05-12-1991



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1. Headlines (00:00-00:32)
2. US reservations over some aspects of Caricom’s Common External Tariff (CET) have been met with a sharp review from a regional government minister. The US. Under Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs, Bernard Aronson speaking at the Miami Conference on the Caribbean stated that the CET is not ambitious enough. While Alan Cruickshank, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Industry Minister, does not agree. Report from Mike Jarvis. The CET also came in for close scrutiny at the panel discussion on trade policy reforms and Byron Blake, the Director of the Economics and Industry Division at the CARICOM Secretariat defended the CET (00:33-03:38)
3. At the Miami conference, Britain's junior Trade Minister, Tim Sainsbury spoke of the need for industrialized Western nations to consider the ripple effect their policies have on areas such as the Caribbean and urged CARICOM to speed up the process of regional integration. A more pointed criticism of the slow pace of regional integration also came from US Democratic Congressman, Lee Hamilton of Indiana (03:39-05:21)
4. Now is the time for Caribbean governments to restructure the regional airline industry. That advise comes from the former Barbados Prime Minister, Bernard St. John, who also held the aviation portfolio. In an interview, Mr. St. John stated that the demise of Pan American Airlines which has jeopardize the regions winter tourist season, once again highlights the need to reduce dependence on extra-regional carriers (05:22-09:19)
5. According to a Soviet source in Havana, Cuba has been notified that Soviet oil shipments for the month of December have been suspended because of internal Soviet economic problems. Lionel Martin reports the state of the Cuban economy will now be made even more acute through oil shortages (09:20-11:17)
6. Belize is seeking diplomatic ties with oil rich Gulf states to attract foreign investments and tourism revenue. Belize’s Foreign Minister, Said Musa met this week with the President of the United Arab Emirates and the Saudi Crown Prince in Abu Dhabi where he attended the Emirates National Day Celebrations. The talks with the Crown Prince centered on the possibility of establishing a Belizean embassy in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (11:18-11:45)
7. Campaigning politicians in Trinidad and Tobago are attempting to tag each other with responsibility for last year's failed coup by a group of Muslim radicals. Political leader of the ruling National Alliance for Reconstruction, Prime Minister Arthur Robinson is also raising charges that certain groups of people in the country are bent on challenging the democratic process before the general elections of December 16th. Tony Fraser reports from Port of Spain.