Caribbean Report 28-06-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00:34)
2. Presidential candidates Leonel Fernandez and Francisco Pena Gomez engage in a final bout of campaigning ahead of Sunday's run off elections. Presidential candidate Leonel Fernandez is interviewed and James Hodges reports (00:35-03:09)
3. The former political leader of the opposition St. Lucia Labour Party is moving towards a new political alliance. Former Opposition Leader Julian Hunte announced last night that he would be returning to active politics. Former St. Lucian Ambassador to the UN George Odlum and Dr Kenny Anthony, St. Lucia Labour Party are interviewed. Pete Ninvalle reports (03:10-05:56)
4. G '7 Summit leaders and the IMF are criticised for not doing more to ease the debt burden of Third World countries. Andrew Simms, Charity Christian Aid is interviewed (05:57-09:44)
5. In Trinidad and Tobago the serious business of the courts descended into what some saw as a classical situation today when marshall of the High Court went into the streets in search of jurors for a high profile trial. Tony Fraser reports (09:45-10:54)
6. US officials say they have seized hundreds of car parts that would have ended up in Jamaica. Jennifer Grant reports (10:55-12:20)
7. Caribbean interest groups monitoring the International Whaling Commission meeting in Aberdeen, Scotland have had their concerns about the killing of whales addressed. Warren Gordon reports (12:21-14:05)
8. The findings of the International Civil Aviation Organisation have been supported by the Trinidadian delegate Gerard Seignoret (14:06-15:25)