Caribbean Report 24-06-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:30)
2. Violent deaths in Jamaica raise doubts about the truce between political parties. JLP spokesman Mike Henry and National Democratic Movement Dickie Crawford are interviewed and Jennifer Grant reports (00:31-03:05)
3. Accusations of a plan to unite Haiti and the Dominican Republic is levelled at a Dominican presidential candidate. Presidential hopeful Jose Francisco Pena Gomez is interviewed and James Hodges reports (03:06-05:45)
4. Voter turn out in today's local government elections in Trinidad and Tobago was low according to electorial officials. Chief Election Officer Joycelyn Lucas is interviewed and Tony Fraser reports (05:46-07:09)
5. Dominican government and promoters of a major hotel project being built on the island's economic citizenship programme today signed an agreement to settle their differences (7:10-07:53)
6. The Caribbean Human Rights Network wants Caricom government's to provide Haiti with what it describes as practical forms of support. Caricom Assistant Secretary General Orlando Marville is interivewed (07:54-10:20)
7. At least four Caricom delegates are among three hundred attending the International Whaling meeting in Scotland (10:21-11:04)
8. A call on the World Bank to demand fewer reforms and to do more about poverty. Senior Policy Advisor at Oxfam Kevin Watkins is interviewed (11:05-14:47)
9. Nigeria has begun efforts to regain membership of the Commonwealth (14:48-15:23)