Caribbean Report 08-02-1990

The program reports on the insistence by the Dominican Republic that the export of bananas to Europe does not violate their agreement with the ACP banana producing countries in the Caribbean. Secondly, Fidel Castro, president of Cuba, introduces tighter controls on the rationing of bread in Cuba as the Soviet Union falls behind in the shipment of grain to Havana. In turn, Cuba’s failure to send promised supplies of citrus to the Soviet Union has led observers to speculate that the Soviet Union is attempting to force Cuba to retract its criticism of Perestroika. Following the Financial Market news, the representatives of the current European colonies in the Caribbean voice concerns of being inundated by European settlers with the formation of the single European market in 1992. The next segment outlines the results of a 1988 survey in Britain showing the increase in the number of people returning to the Caribbean from Britain. The report concludes with Chris Lewis, Guyanese-born cricketer who is preparing to join the English cricket squad in the Caribbean.
Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00 - 00:25)
2. Dominican Republic insists they are not violating ACP agreement by shipping bananas to Europe. Jean Michel Cariot reports from Santo Domingo (00:26-02:25)
3. Soviet Union falls behind with wheat supplies to Cuba. Interview with Garth Jenkins, editor of Cuba Business (02:26-05:38)
4. Financial Market. Comments from Robin Stainer, commodity analyst (05:39-06:52)
5. Europe's Caribbean colonies voice concerns of being overrun by European settlers in 1992. Interview with Rosie Douglas, International Secretary of Dominica's Opposition Labour Party (06:53-10:05)
6. Population census in Britain indicates an increase in the movement of people back to the Caribbean. Interview with William Trent, Director of the West Indian Standing Conference (10:06-12:10)
7. Sporting segment. Cricketer Chris Lewis joins the English squad in the Caribbean. Christopher Jenkins reports with an interview with Mickey Stewart (12:11-14:41)