Caribbean Report 22-09-1992

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:28)
2. Economic Correspondent James Morgan covering the IMF-World Bank annual meeting in Washington looks at the possibility of Caribbean concerns being overshadowed by the currency crisis taking place in Europe. (00:29-03:08)
3. Hugh Crosskill reports on a letter written by Opposition Labour Party member Chris Mullin asking the British Government to review its aid commitment to Jamaica in light of its human rights record. Flo O’Connor, Coordinator of the Jamaican Human Rights Council reacts to the letter. (03:09-07:43)
4. Twelve of the sixteen member Commonwealth Observer Team headed by David Peterson, former Premier of the Ontario Province, arrive in Guyana ahead of the October 5th elections. (07:44-08:38)
5. Project Director at the Guyana’s Electoral Assistance Bureau Dr. Clairmont Lye is concerned that not enough emphasis is being placed on voter education. Sandra Baptiste reports. (08:39-10:54)
6. Speaking at a campaign in the run up to Trinidad’s local elections, Prime Minister Patrick Manning reassures supporters that his plan for economic union with Guyana and Barbados is very much alive. (10:55-12:04)
7. Regional hotelier Gordon Butch Stewart suggests a revision of taxes on the Caribbean hotel industry. (12:05-13:53)
8. The US coastguard reports an increase in Cubans leaving their homeland. (13:54-14:31)
9. Recap of headlines (14:32-14:48)