Caribbean Report 22-10-1996

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:29)
2. Former South African President de Klerk wants both sides of the banana issue addressed. Frederik Willlem de Klerk is interviewed (00:30-02:13)
3. EU approval for measures to counter Washington's anti-Cuba Helms-Burton law has run into a Danish stumbling block. David Blow reports (02:14-04:10)
4. The Cuban American community in Miami expects that relief supplies being collected could begin reaching Cuba by the weekend. The supplies are being taken up for victims of Hurricane Lili in Cuba. Gus Garcia of the Democracy Movement is interviewed (04:11-06:26)
5. The Caribbean region is a minor player of the United Nations and may not play any substantial or influential role in the re-election of UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali. The Indian government is assessing the reasons it failed to secure a non-permanent seat representing Asia on the United Nations Security Council after UN member countries voted overwhelmingly for Japan. Caricom Official Orlando Marville is interviewed (06:27-08:17)
6. Jamaica Security Minister strongly rejects legalisation of marijuana. National Security Minister Kadi Knight is interviewed and Jennifer Grant reports (08:18-09:45)
7. Some St. Lucian teachers again boycotted classes today to press for the reinstatement of three teacher trainees at the Sir Arthur Lewis College. General Secretary of the St. Lucia Teachers Union Gilroy Satney is interviewed (09:46-12:31)
8. Intervention from oil and gas companies in Trinidad and Tobago prop up the faltering dollar. Chief Executive Officer of the largest Chain of Food Stores Anthony Proudfoot is interviewed (12:32-14:33)
9. The former Speaker of the Barbados House of Assembly Lawson Weekes on Tuesday had his letter of resignation read to the Chamber ending his fifteen years as a parliamentarian (14:34-15:29)