Caribbean Report 08-08-2003



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:39)
2. In the Turks and Caicos Islands the Progressive National Party (PNP) led by Michael Misick is set to take office after winning the two recent by-elections. The outgoing Turks and Caicos Chief Minister Derek Taylor of the People’s Democratic Movement responds to what went wrong for his party (00:40-03:01)
3. Former Head of Antigua Medical Benefits Scheme (MBS) Cavelle John is released on bail after being charged with twenty-nine counts of conspiracy to defraud her former employers. She was jointly charged with former Health Minister Hilroy Humphreys and others with defrauding the MBS of a total of $400,000 (03:02-03:36)
4. The Bush administration is ruling out tighter sanctions against Cuba. Instead, the US is pushing for a democratic transition on the island to increase international pressure and more robust support for Cuban dissidents. Neil Nunes reports (03:37-05:21)
5. Authorities in Guyana’s capital Georgetown appear to be winning their battle against unregulated pavement vending. A High Court decision has effectively banished this activity from the streets of Georgetown. The Deputy Mayor Robert Williams says this marks the end of street vending. Denis Chabrol reports (05:22-08:27)
6. In an Independence Day message, the leader of Jamaica’s Opposition Labour Party (JLP) warns of moves towards political integration of some Caribbean countries. The JLP is also lukewarm towards the proposed regional Supreme Court. Party spokesman Bruce Golding explains why harmonizing Caribbean resources and wealth creation should be priorities instead (08:28-11:58)
7. Forecasters in the United States predict that this year’s Atlantic hurricane season will be extremely active and people must be prepared. According to Ken Richards, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (U.S.) predicts three to four major hurricanes with winds of at least one hundred and eleven mph. Max Mayfield, Director of the National Hurricane Center (Miami) projects one to two within the region of the Caribbean Sea (11:59-13:13)
8. It is the penultimate night of athletics at the Pan American Games in the Dominican Republic but apart from Cuba, the Caribbean is disappointed. Runners like Ato Boldon, Trinidad and Tobago and Brigitte Foster, Jamaica are here along with other big names like local hero Félix Sánchez. Jamaican coach, Jerry Holness speaks in this report by Koto Mayenda (13:14:15:32)