Caribbean Report 14-03-1990


The National Democratic Congress’ victory in the yesterday’s general elections in Grenada, capturing seven of the fifteen seats was marred today by speculations of a coalition by the three contesting parties. Following the Financial News, Haiti’s archaic ownership land structure led to a major incident on Monday in Piate in which eight people were killed and two thousand left homeless after landowners, backed by security forces, clashed with the local peasants. The report concludes with another day of rain for the West Indies and England cricketers in Guyana as the second test match was officially cancelled.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:56)
2. Threats of a coalition government mar the victory of the NDC in yesterday's election in Grenada. Jerry Timmins reports from St. Georges and speaks to the man-on-the-street on the election results and the priorities of the new government. Interview with Nicholas Brathwaite, leader of the NDC (00:57-08:52)
3. Financial News. Fiona Anderson, BBC feature writer comments on the proposed plans for a Caribbean stock exchange (08:53-10:47)
4. Battle between Haitian landowers and peasants leaves 8 killed and 2000 homeless. Michael Norton reports from Port-au-Prince (10:48-12:55)
5. Rain continues to affect England's cricket tour of the West Indies. Christopher Martin-Jenkins reports from Georgetown, Guyana (12:56-15:04)