Caribbean Report 17-09-1992

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:27)
2. Fluctuations in Britain’s pound may have serious implications for the Caribbean with regards to tourism and the banana trade. Renwick Rose, farmer with the Windward Islands Farmers Association looks at the possible impact on the banana trade and David Hayes of Hayes and Jarvis (travel operators) looks at the repercussions for the region’s tourism. (00:28-05:30)
3. Professor Marcos Arruda, Director of the Institute of Policy Studies in Brazil and member of the Trade for Change Lobby, warns the region that NAFTA should be viewed with suspicion. (05:31-08:09)
4. Sharief Khan looks at the electorates’ likely response to the political manifestoes published by parties contesting the October 5th general elections in Guyana. (08:10-10:25)
5. Dr. Cheddi Jagan, Opposition Leader of the People’s Progressive Party, will visit Trinidad and Tobago to meet with business leaders, Prime Minister Patrick Manning and other government officials. (10:26-10:36)
6. Tony Fraser looks at the public’s response to upcoming local elections in Trinidad and Tobago. (10:37-13:28)
7. Former Jamaican National Security Minister Errol Anderson is formally charged with two counts of manslaughter arising out of a motor vehicle accident in July which killed two women. (13:29-14:08)
8. The Jamaican Police Federation votes to go into arbitration in an effort to have government increase its wage offer. (14:09-14:21)
9. Recap of headlines (14:22-14:45)