Caribbean Report 02-07-1993



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:36)
2. Haiti’s military leader, General Raoul Cedras has offered to stepdown as part of the latest negotiations for restoring democracy in Haiti. John Leyne reports (00:37-02:18)
3. Haiti’s analyst, Lloyd Best responds to the question on whether Haiti’s deep rooted problems will be solved by General Cedras stepping down. Best noted that there is the need for a security arrangement for the country, the civilianizing of the military and that the de facto military leader is really Haiti’s Police Chief, Joseph Michel Franҫois and not General Raoul Cedras. Interview with Lloyd Best, Haiti’s Analyst (02:19-05:22)
4. In a Brussels’s statement, while the ACP countries welcome the European Court’s ruling against Germany over banana imports, it is concern over the effects the single market rules will have on the price of their bananas. Interview with Charles Savarin, Dominica’s Ambassador to Brussels. Clifford Smith reports (05:23-07:16)
5. In London, the test case involving two Jamaican death row prisoners, Earl Pratt and Ivan Morgan continues before the Law Lords at the Privy Council. The defendants are represented by British QC, Geoffrey Robertson. Carol Orr reports (07:17-12:40)
6. With the CARICOM’s annual Heads of Government Summit due to start, one of the region’s political critics says regional integration is moving too slowly. Barbados’ opposition leader, Henry Ford argues that countries ready for a CARICOM Single Market should go ahead. Interview with Henry Ford, Barbados’ opposition leader. Sandra Baptiste reports (12:41-14:46)