Caribbean Report 11-06-1991



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:32)
2. The main priority for Guyana’s newly appointed Commissioner of the Elections Commission is the restoration of confidence in Guyana’s electoral system. Sharief Khan interviews the Commissioner Rudy Collins (00:33-02:58)
3. Trinidadian Lloyd Best recently returned from Haiti where he served as a special advisor to the UN Resident Representative. He states that Caricom still has a major role to play in helping to preserve and strengthen Haiti’s new found democracy and Haiti’s middle class continues to withhold support for President Aristide (02:59-07:05)
4. St. Lucia is expressing renewed concerns over the future of its coconut industry. Pete Ninnvalle reports that Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago importers of coconut oil from St. Lucia have both defaulted on either receipt or payment of their allocations. Comments from Brinsley Samaroo, Minister of Food Production in Trinidad and Tobago; Anthony Savarin, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Trade in St. Lucia; and Johannes Leonce , Chairman of St. Lucia’s Coconut Growers Association (07:06-11:23)
5. London based Commonwealth Development Corporation is seeking more investment possibilities in the Caribbean. David Stevens, CDC’s Director of Corporate Relations is interviewed by Pat Whitehorne (11:24-13:24)
6. The Caricom Committee set up to look into the possible privatization of LIAT met in Barbados today and some shareholding governments are unwilling to privatize the airline (13:25-14:00)
7. Caricom members will hold a meeting tomorrow in Barbados on the controversial Multiliteral Air Service Agreement (14:01-14:45)