Caribbean Report 23-07-2001

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:33)
2. Barclays and CIBC are in merger talks that could lead to the region's biggest bank. National Workers Union of St. Lucia Peter Savoury, Financial Services Minister Philip J. Pierre and President of the St. Lucia Employers' Federation Malcolm Charles are interviewed. Pete Ninvalle reports (00:34-03:20)
3. Michael Mansoor is the President of CIBC West Indies Holdings and speaking at today's press conference in Barbados he remains confident that the merger will have extremely positive results for customers and employees. The Regional Director of Barclays is Charles Middleton and he was asked "What assurances that he could give employees that their jobs would be secured if the two companies merged." Michael Mansoor of CIBC West Indies and Charles Middleton of Barclays Holdings were interviewed (03:21-05:58)
4. Caribbean delegates are already making waves in the International Whaling Commission meeting in London. St. Lucia's Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Cassius Elias, Antigua's Whaling Commissioner Daven Joseph and New Zealand's Whaling Commissioner Jim McLay are interviewed. Bertrand Niles reports (05:59-09:20)
5. Is the OECD really that bad? St. Lucia's Talk Show Host Rick Wayne and Outgoing Head of the OECS Swinburne Lestrade are interviewed (09:21-12:47)
6. Venezuela has called for a peaceful end to a century old border dispute with neighbouring Guyana. Prime Minister Keith Mitchell is interviewed and Rosie Hayes reports (12:48-15:09)
7. Revolutionary scheme is being launched to give scientist in four Caribbean countries a chance to read over a thousand international medical journals in some cases free (15:10-15:39)