Caribbean Report 19-07-2001

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:25)
2. Trinidadian Prime Minister Basdeo Panday vows to weed out corruption in his administration. Tony Fraser reports (00:26-03:06)
3. Jamaica's Minister of National Security and Justice Kadi Knight says that violent crime will continue to plague the island until the issue of dangerous deportees is addressed. National Secuirty and Justice Kadi Knights is interviewed (03:07-05:14)
4. United States defends its policy on so-called tax havens. New York Times Tax Policy reporter David Cay Johnston is interviewed (05:15-08:36)
5. Guyana is grappling with economic and political difficulties. Earlier this week the government announced that it intended to put up for sale the flag carrying status and the right for the route operated by bankrupt Guyana Airways. President Bharrat Jagdeo and Attorney-at-Law Raphael Trotman are interviewed. Colin Smith reports (08:37-11:23)
6. Caribbean struggles to get its voice or vote heard in many international organisations, not so at the International Whaling Commission (IWC) which holds it annual meeting in London next week. New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clarke and former Dominica Agriculture Minister Arterton Matar are interviewed. Bertrand Niles reports (11:24-13:52)
7. As banana prices remain at historically low levels, an industry watchdog agency says the solution may lie in the formation of an international commodity organisation. Co-ordinator of the British-based Banana Link Alistair Smith is interviewed (13:53-15:33)