Caribbean Report 09-08-1989



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:45-01:25)
2. Guyana's Foreign Minister says planned rebel cricket and rugby tours to South Africa can make or break the Commonwealth Games. Hugh Crosskill interviews politician Rashleigh Jackson (01:26-04:48)
3. Dr. Trevor Monroe says six months in office and the Manley government is yet to deliver. Hugh Crosskill interviews Dr. Monroe, UWI Lecturer and Leader of the Marxist Workers Party of Jamaica (04:49-08:44)
4. Financial news (08:45-10:23)
5. Smokers of quality cigars in Europe are anxiously awaiting the outcome of the war between Cuba Tobacco, the Cuban state cigar producer and Davidoff Cigars International, the prestigious cigar retailer. Hugh Crosskill interviews Frank Gray (10:24-13:27)
6. The three human rights activists just arrested in Cuba have been charged and will stand trial for counter revolutionary activities. Lionel Martin reports (13:28-15:15)