Caribbean Report 08-01-1990


The program provides an update into the massive fraudulent activities uncovered in Montserrat’s offshore banking sector in February 1989. Tim Sainsbury, Scotland Yard’s Foreign Office Minister with responsibility for the Caribbean, reveals details of the ongoing investigations. Leslie Garth interviews Stewart Tendler and reports that more incidents of fraud are being discovered, and regulations are redrafted to create more control over Montserrat’s banking sector. Secondly, a report addresses Caribbean concerns over the future of banana exports with the inception of the Single European Market. During a commodities debate in the British House of Commons, Labour Minister, George Foulkes questioned Lynda Chalker on the concerns of the WI banana producers. In a telephone interview, Clair Wenner, lobbyist in Britain on behalf of the Caribbean producers, comments on the current licensing arrangements governing the banana trade and the task of maintaining preferencial treatment for ACP bananas. The Financial Market news is followed by the announcement of the approval of the final timetable for Haitian elections by President Avril. BBC correspondent in Port-au-France, Michael Norton comments on the final list of presidential candidates and the purpose of President Avril’s trip to Taiwan seeking financial aid. The report concludes with the African tour of Roosevelt Douglas of the Dominican Labour Party with disclosures by Mr. Douglas on the benefits of Dominica’s close relations with the administration of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00 - 00:52)
2. Banking fraud in Montserrat (00:53-03:33)
3. Future of Caribbean banana trade with the formation of the Single European Market (03:34-07:58)
4. Financial News (07:59-08:50)
5. Upcoming elections in Haiti (08:51-11:53)
6. Dominican relations with Libya (11:54-15:06)