Panorama 2002: Panorama in Pan Yard - a Hard Sell for Pan Trinbago



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Steelband leaders in Trinidad remain opposed to a concept that brings the first change in the Panorama format since 1963. Pan Trinbago’s president Patrick Arnold and his executive are trying to convince pan men to accept a proposal to have the preliminary round of Panorama 2002 judged in their respective pan yards instead of the Queens’s Park Savannah. Pan Trinbago is of the view that Steelbands stand to benefit since they would receive the usual appearance fee and assistance. Added to this, bands stand a greater chance of advancing to the semi- final round. The new proposal would see bands compete with 17 to 19 bands in their respective zones (north, east and south/central). Recommendations are that ten of these Steelbands from Trinidad and three from Tobago would advance to the semi- final round.


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Nero, Sean. "Panorama 2002: Panorama in Pan Yard - A Hard Sell for Pan Trinbago." Newsday 2 Aug. 2001: 51. Print.