Caribbean Report 25-05-2000



Table of Contents

1. Headlines: (00:00-00:28)
2. “In Suriname, voters are today electing legislators to the National Assembly who will in turn elect the country’s President. Of the 17 official parties running for the Assembly, three are expected to get the majority votes”. (00:29-05:23)
3. The workers at the Grenada Broadcasting Network (GBN), three-year bargaining agreement remains unresolved. However, the workers whom the GBN said had abandoned their jobs have been reinstated. Meanwhile, Grenadian teachers continue their protest. (05:24-10:02)
4. “Reports from Jamaica are that prisoners are being severely beaten by soldiers and wardens after a series of routine raids at the St Catherine District Prison revealed unauthorized items in the cells among the prisoners”. These include cellular phones, knives, marijuana, television sets, and a power saw. (10:03-11:07)
5. Ken Boyea, former leader of the St Vincent opposition Unity Party, said he is ready to launch the country’s third political party. Stanley John, who also resigned from the ULP, will work Mr Boyea to form the third party. (11:08-13:38)
6. “In cricket, Pakistan’s decision to take disciplinary action against eight players thought to have been involved in some level of misconduct related to match-fixing has been hailed as a historic step. Two test cricketers have been banned for life, and two other players now in the Caribbean are among those being fined”. (13:39-15:23)