Caribbean Report 19-10-1999

Table of Contents
1. Headlines with anchor Keith Stone Greaves (00:00 - 00: 27)
2. Advisories have been issued to islands in Central and Northeastern Caribbean regarding the approach of hurricane Jose. National Emergency Management organizations are on full alert, schools are closed and government workers given time off to prepare for the hurricane. Updates on national preparations are shared for three of the affected islands. Timothy James national disaster coordinator for St. Lucia, Anguilla National Disaster chief whip, Wycliffe Richardson and Montserrat Franklyn Michael outgoing Permanent Secretary in Emergency Department (00:28 - 03:54)
3. Executive Director for National Coalition for Haitian Rights, based in New York Johnny McCalla is attributing the increase in crime and violence as a result of internal power struggle in Haiti (03:55 - 07:21)
4. Antigua and Barbuda and other Caribbean diplomats are calling on the US Congress to provide resources to assist the Caribbean region with development, specifically as this relates to curbing the transshipment of drugs from South America to North America. President Bill Clinton 12.7 billion dollars aid package to region was not supported by Republicans citing increase in domestic spending. Ambassador of twin islands states Randolph Hearst discusses the impasse. Bevan Springer reports from New York (07:22 - 09:53)
5. Puerto Rican government officially opposes US presidential enquiry which would recommended that the army continue to use military training facilities on the island of Vieques. New York Councilman Guillermo Linares shares his views on the negative impact of the continued US presence. Peter Greste reports (09:54 – 13:15)
6. Massive fish kills in parts of region described as a wake-up call for Caribbean to conduct research in the marine environment. An official at the Trinidad PAHO office discusses action plan and infrastructure required to prevent marine disasters. Tony Fraser reports (13:16 – 15:27)