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In order to be an effective librarian, today, one has to provide access to the best online resources. With over 2 billion web pages available and search engines returning thousands of responses to queries, there is information overload on the World Wide Web. This as well as other facts like anyone could publish anything on the Internet, indicate that it is imperative that these resources be evaluated. This paper proposes to discuss how the traditional methods of assessment as well as new criteria particular to online resources can be used for evaluation. The main criteria to be discussed will be the content, usability and access of web pages with suggestions as to how to apply and where possible provide relative illustrations. Peculiarities related to certain types of resources as well as aspects of an effective website will be highlighted.


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Evaluation, Online resources, Websites


Renwick, Shamin. 2001. “Assessment of Online Digital Information.” Paper presented at the XXX1 Annual Conference of the Association of Caribbean University, Research and Institutional Libraries (ACURIL), 2001, in La Habana, Cuba.