Caribbean Report 01-10-1992

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:33)
2. Dr Makepeace Richmond, Chairman of Guyana’s Electoral Assistance Bureau, announces that security force members who did not vote on Monday due to administrative problems will be allowed to vote on October 05th. (00:34-03:47)
3. Sandra Baptiste reports on statements made by Guyana’s Deputy Prime Minister Winston Murray defending President Hoyte against blame for the collapse of the country’s economy. She also reports on statements by Clive Thomas, leader of the Working People’s Alliance which examine the state of the economy. (03:48-06:41)
4. St. Lucia’s opposition leader Julian Hunte issues a release on behalf of opposition parties in the Windward Islands criticizing their respective governments for their approach to maintaining special access for their bananas in the European market. (06:42-07:28)
5. ACP Secretary General Ghebray Berhane talks with correspondent Sharda Islam about the possibility of the Caribbean leaving the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Group (ACP) as suggested in an article written by CARICOM General Secretary Edwin Carrington. (07:29-11:13)
6. Edwin Carrington addresses concerns arising out of his suggestion for a new configuration of relations between the three regions of the ACP and Europe. However, James Matheson, Guyana’s ambassador to Brussels, disagrees with the suggestion. (11:14-14:42)