Industrial technology in secondary schools: Implications for the teacher education programmes at UTech, Jamaica [PowerPoint presentation]

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This study sought to evaluate the Industrial Technology programme at the secondary level and the implications for enrolment in the Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies, University of Technology (UTech), Jamaica. A total of 186 students were randomly sampled from three co-educational institutions in the Corporate Area of Jamaica (one technical, one traditional, and one newly upgraded high school), and 11 teachers were chosen by purposive sampling from the same three schools. Two sets of questionnaires were used to collect data from the students and teachers respectively, as well as interviews, observation, and lab audits with field notes. The findings revealed that the context in which the Industrial Technology Programme was being offered was viewed positively by both teachers and students. However, the decisions of administration were seen to be a hindrance. Among the things administration should ensure are retooling the labs, renovating existing facilities, and streamlining more capable students to the Industrial Technology programme. In addition, the Industrial Technology syllabuses were designed to adequately prepare students for transition to tertiary level institutions. However, the findings revealed that students who met, as well as those who fail to meet, matriculation requirements opted to seek employment due to financial constraints
Paper presented at the Biennial Conference of The University of the West Indies Schools of Education, 23-25 April, 2013, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago
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Industrial Technology, Secondary school curriculum, Secondary school teachers, Secondary school students, Teacher attitudes, Student attitudes, Perceptions, Teacher education, Programme planning, University of Technology, Jamaica, Conference papers, Jamaica