Caribbean Report 04-06-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:25)
2. Trinidad's Muslimeem Lance "Fire" Small also known as "Enyahooma-el" denies being behind the plot to smuggle arms into the country. Tony Fraser reports (00:26-02:11)
3. Antigua's and Barbuda's Prime Minister Lester Bird does a u-turn and is holding an inquiry into an alleged fraud into the country's medical benefit system. President of the Bar Association Justin Simon is interviewed (02:12-06:11)
4. In Guyana, trade union officials are reacting angrily to an announcement from the government that they are in talks with an American Company to take over the Bauxite Industry. Union Consultant Raymond Gaskin is interviewed and Colin Smith reports (06:12-08:38)
5. West Indies Cricket Board is criticised for getting its procedures all wrong. President of the Guyana Cricket Board Chetram Singh is interviewed (08:39-12:29)
6. Vincentian Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves is rejecting charges of political victimization at supporters of the Opposition NDP party. Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace took the issue to parliament. Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves is interviewed and Karen Weir reports (12:30-15:19)