Caribbean Report 22-02-1994

Table of Contents
1. Headlines with Debbie Ransome (00:00-00:26)
2. In St Vincent and Grenadines, James Mitchell wins another term in office securing winning twelve out of fifteen parliamentary seats. Correspondent Collin Williams looks at what the results of the elections means as well as the impact the preeclection violence has had on voter turnout, which was very low (00:27-05:11)
3. Three Barbudan men were charged with the murder four foreign nationals on a yacht just off Barbuda. The yacht, the Challenger was found with the bodies of two British crewmen Ian Cridland and Tom Williams and an American couple William and Kathleen Clever (05:12-06:16)
4. The issue of changing Europe's banana import regime came up before European Agricultural Ministers in Brussels. Agricultural Commissioner Rene Stichen was unmoved by the attacks on the European regime. Clifford Smith reports from Brussels (06:17-07:59)
5. While European officials discuss the future of the banana industry; life continues to get worse for Windward Island farmers. Yvette Rowe reports from St. Lucia and interviews banana farmers in St. Lucia and highlights the challenges they face (08:00-12:40)
6. Thirty Cuban American businessmen are in Havana to look into the prospect for trade and setting up investment there. Trade investment in Cuba is still illegal. Correspondent Lionel Martin reports(12:41-14:39)
7. Wrap up and theme music (14:40-15:00)