Caribbean Report 02-02-2000



Table of Contents

1. Headlines: (00:00-00:26)
2. Arthur Robinson is resolute to end Trinidad’s constitutional impasse and the removal of the 2 Senators. Religious leaders advise the President to sign the papers to remove Senators. The President agrees provided the Prime Minister meets with the Chief Secretary to decide new appointment. (00:27-03:21)
3. Preparations for Dominica’s first Coalition Government are still in progress although Prime Minister designate Rosie Douglas was hoping to be sworn into office this afternoon. It was confirmed that Mr. Douglas will be sworn in Thursday morning at 9:30 p.m. local time. (03:22-05:34)
4. Dominican Freedom Party leader Charles Severin says his party is satisfied this coalition has resulted in the defeat of the United Workers Party, which he allegedly says operated in a corrupt manner. (05:35-06:19)
5. A third political party is emerging in the Bahamas in an attempt to dismantle the two-party monopoly in politics. Third parties have surfaced over the years but this one seems to be gaining momentum. (06:20-08:34)
6. A Congressman is appealing to U.S. politicians to be accommodating toward Caribbean interest to develop a policy in the region. Congressman Major Owens’s concern is to ensure Caribbean interests are being addressed. (08:35-10:36)
7. President Clinton’s appeal for continued American training exercises in Vieques is an issue Puerto Ricans will take into consideration when voting in a referendum on the future of the U.S. Naval Base. This appeal stems from authorities in San Juan preparing to remove protestors. (10:37-12:50)
8. In Grenada there have been several attacks on the police force that led to one officer being stabbed to death. Two people have been murdered due to an upsurge in violent crime in Grenada. (12:51-14:33)
9. Reports from Brussels reveal Cuba’s pending membership to the ACP and that ACP member countries are supportive of this move. (14:34-15:25)