Caribbean Report 04-08-1999 

Table of Contents
1. Headlines with anchor Orin Gordon (00:00 - 00:37)
2. Cayman Islands bankers respond strongly to criticisms of fraudulent off shore banking practices in the island following the conviction of banker John Mathewson of fraud. Miami based publisher of the investigative banking magazine Offshore Alert David Marchant comments on the unresponsiveness and legality of off shore banking in Cayman Islands to avoid paying US taxes. Eduardo D'Angelo President of the Cayman Islands Bankers Association discusses cooperation with the US authorities and efforts to prevent illegal activities (00:38 – 04:07)
3. Commonwealth Secretariat Head of Economics Sobhan Farooq discusses agenda issues at the Commonwealth Finance Ministers meeting scheduled for Cayman Islands including review of the world economic situation, assessing HIPIC initiative effectiveness and economic problems of small states. Guyana Finance Minister Bharrat Jagdeo comments on the vulnerability of CARICOM small states (04:08 – 08:21)
4. Authorities in Bahamas are scheduled to hang two death row prisoners John Higgs and David Mitchell next week (08:22 – 08:48)
5. President Fidel Castro in his comments on US immigration policies criticises laws which grant automatic residency to Cubans landing on US soil. Journalist at Miami Herald analyses Castro’s five hour policy speech (08:49 – 12:01)
6. Former Olympic 100 meter sprint champion Linford Christie has been suspended after failing a drug test. The 39 year Jamaican born athlete tested positive for the banned drug substance nandrolone. Fellow athlete Jonathan Edwards testifies in Christie’s favor and on the tragedy for the sport. Coach Mike Whittingham is calling for the issue of drugs in sport to be reexamined. Christie affirms his innocence (12:02 – 15:23)