Caribbean Report 20-12-1990



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:40)
2. The latest results from the Haitian presidential elections places Father Aristide ahead by 66% with approximately one quarter of the total votes counted. Michael Norton reports that the delay of reaching the final results is compounded by the numerous irregularities encountered as the vote count continues (00:41-02:31)
3. Cuba is the sleeping giant of Caribbean tourism and John Issa, a prominent Jamaican businessman, makes a bid to tap into the Cuban tourist industry by investing in a major resort on the island. John Bell, Vice President of the Caribbean Hotels Association, is also interviewed on the Cuban business strategies of John Issa (02:40-09:47)
4. Dr. Paul Robertson, Jamaica’s Information Minister, states that there can be no serious political or economic integration until the Caribbean improves in media and invests in satellite and cable technology. Interview with Hugh Crosskill (09:48-11:32)
5. Adrian O’Jeer, Executive Director of St. Lucia’s Chamber of Commerce, comments on the role of young people in the political integration of Eastern Caribbean states. In an interview with Hugh Crosskill, Mr. O’Jeer also expands on the involvement and responsibility of the private sector in the political arena of the Caribbean (11:33-14:52)