Caribbean Report 22-03-1990

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Crosskill, Hugh (anchor)
The British Broadcasting Corporation
Norton, Michael (correspondent)
De Ronceray, Hubert (interviewee)
Ford, Henry (interviewee)
Savarin, Charles (interviewee)

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The British Broadcasting Corporation


Political unrest in Haiti leads to a state of urban terrorism with the recent killing of more than 30 people within a few days. Hugh Crosskill reports on the shooting of the wife of Hubert De Ronceray, a leading opposition member, who also comments on the inability of the government to control the unrest. Following the Financial News, two high-profile Americans, Sally Cowal (Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Latin American Affairs) and Senator Edward Kennedy express the need to ensure that the upcoming elections in Guyana is free and fair. According to Henry Ford of the Barbados Labour Party, the US interest in Guyana highlights the inactiveness of the Caricom leaders to maintain open and free elections in Guyana. Stories of Caribbean Interest appearing in the British Press include the controversial comments by Michael Stein (British Conservation MP) of “niggers in the woodpile;” British equality programme to produce the first black leader of the civil service; the contentious quotes by cricketer Brian Lara, “I can do Viv’s job now;” and Lord Anthony Gifford (left-wing barrister) leaves Britain with his wife Elaine Thomas to begin a new legal career in Jamaica. The final segment briefly covers the discussions of the Joint Assembly of the ACP and EEC on the implications of the Single Market Economy in 1992 for the ACP states.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:33)
2. Urban terrorism on the rise in Haiti. Michael Norton reports from Port-au-Prince and Hugh Crosskill interviews Hubert De Ronceray (00:34-06:50)
3. Financial News (06:51-07:31)
4. Henry Ford, leader of the Barbados Labour Party, warns Caricom leaders to be more vigilant in ensuring free and fair elections in Guyana (07:32-10:41)
5. Stories of Caribbean interest appearing in the British press (10:42-13:28)
6. Joint Assembly of the ACP and EEC to discuss the implications of the Single Market Economy in 1992, with comments from Charles Savarin (13:29-14:51)