OP72 - Jarrette, Murchison; Scott, John

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2010-07-14T15:16:51Z, 7/2/1994

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Murchison Jarrette and John Scott are long-standing members of La Petite Musicale. At the time of the interview, Jarrette was Secretary of the group and Scott was an Executive Member. Hazel Elcock and Patrick Rouse, who sewed as interviewers, are also members who joined the group in more recent times.


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Walke Family, Folk Songs, Hayes, John, Quevedo, Raymond, Singing Groups: Trinidad and Tobago, Cultural Heritage: Trinidad and Tobago, Musical Traditions: Trinidad and Tobago, Walke, Hugh, Walke, Arthur, Walke, Ivy, Walke, Olive, La Petite Musicale