Caribbean Report 09-01-1992


The embargo against Haiti and the stance taken by members of the OAS is reported on, as well as the controversy of the awarding of a contract to the Shell Oil Company by a government Minister without the approval of the Jamaican Prime Minister. Other reports on the Caribbean Area include the election campaign in Guyana and the connection between the illegal drug trade in Britain and the Caribbean, especially Jamaica. There is a brief report on a meeting to discuss the banana trade, as well as a subsequent segment on the former West Indies cricket capain's involvement in the upcoming World Cup in Australia.


Coverage also includes England.

Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:41)
2. Report on the stance taken by the OAS on the embargo against Haiti (00:42-01:20)17.
3. Airing of a speech by Joseph Edmunds, St. Lucia's embassador to the OAS on the embargo against Haiti (01:21-03:41)
4. Debbie Ransome continues report (03:42-03:58)
5. Report on the controversy with the Jamaican Labour Party (JLP) and the Shell oil Company (03:59-04:48)
6. Report on the capture of three Cuban exiles (04:49-04:59)
7. Lionel Martin reports from Havana on the charges against captured Cuban exiles (05:00-06:42)
8. Report on illegal drugs in Britain and 'yadie gangs' (06:43-07:03)
9. Interview with Douglas Tweddle, chief investigations officer for British customs, on drug seizures for 1991 (07:04-07:59)
10. Debie Ransome continues report on illegal drugs in Britain (08:00-08:12)
11. Commander Roy Penrose, head of the Metropolitan Regional Crime Squad speak on drugs and the Caribbean connection (08:13-08:43)
12. Report on preparations for elections in Guyana (08:44-08:58)
13. Interview with Yesu Persaud, President of Guyana's Manufacturers Association, on the prospect of delayed elections in Guyana (08:59-10:33)
14. Report on pending meeting of Caribbean and Central American leaders on the banana trade (10:34-11:15)
15. Report on the opinions expressed by Clive Lloyd, former West Indies cricket captain that his successor Vivian Richards should be recalled to the team for the upcoming World Cup in Australia (11:16-11:50)
16. Hugh Crosskill interviews Clive Lloyd on the role of Vivian Richards in the World Cup (11:51-14:18)
17. Debbie Ransome ends report (14:19-14:56)