Caribbean Report 18-05-1990


Forty-eight hours after the polls closed in the Dominican Republic, the population is still awaiting the results of the general elections. The ballots are showing an extremely close poll with Joaquin Balaguer slightly ahead after 80% of the votes are counted. Secondly, the judicial enquiry into the Antiguan arms scandal commences on June 1st and Lewis Blom-Cooper, British Queen’s Counsel, will lead the probe. Following the Financial News, Jamaica completed the first stage of a campaign designed to promote the sales of fruits, vegetables, tin products, coffee, rum and cigars in Britain. The objective of the campaign is to establish the UK market as a platform to the European Single Market community in 1992. The stories of Caribbean interest in the British press cover the Afro-Caribbean businesses in London and the positive and negative impact of black people broadcasted on British television. The report ends with the workshop of the members of the public and private sectors of Trinidad and Tobago discussing the allocation of an eighty million dollar grant from the European Community.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:34)
2. Still no results in Dominican Republic's general elections. Jean Michel Caroit reports from Santo Domingo (00:35-02:30)
3. British Queen's Counsel, Lewis Blom-Cooper, appointed to lead the official probe into the Antiguan arms scandal. Hugh Crosskill interviews Lewis Blom-Cooper (02:31-06:500
4. Financial News. Richard Fraser of Golden Star in Canada comments on the company's plans to mine for gold in Guyana (06:51-08:31)
5. Jamaica steps up efforts to gain a foothold in the European Single Market after 1992. Interview with Norman Ray, Jamaica's Trade Commissioner in London (08:32-11:31)
6. Stories of Caribbean interest appearing in the British press by Leslie Garth (11:32-13:00)
7. Members of the private and public sectors of Trinidad and Tobago discuss the allocation of an eighty million dollar grant from the European Community. Ira Mathur reports from Port-of-Spain with comments from Edwin Carrington, former ACP Secretary General (13:01-14:54)