Caribbean Report 28-06-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:27)
2. Caribbean awaits the next step from the OECD and its fight against offshore tax centres. Andrew Quinlan of the United States-based Lobby Group for Tax Competition and President of the Centre for Freedom and Prosperity (00:28-03:09)
3. Pro and anti-American supporters clash in Vieques. Shannon Novak reports (03:10-05:30)
4. Haitian government minister says that there will be no further delay in the setting up of an Electoral Council. Culture Minister Guy Paul is interviewed (05:31-07:49)
5. Opposition Leader in Trinidad and Tobago Patrick Manning says that he has no knowledge of a plot by opposition parties and the labour movement to destabilise the government. Opposition Leader Patrick Manning is interviewed (07:50-10:12)
6. Delegates from around the world are on their way home after a special session at the United Nations World Aids. Orin Gordon reports (10:13-12:01)
7. Cuba marks the first anniversary of the return home of the world's best known shipwreck survivor, Elian Gonzalez. Casa Cuba Spokesman J. Fernandez is interviewed and Emma Joseph reports (12:02-15:29)