Caribbean Report 10-04-1992



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:32)
2. In England, Prime Minister John Major’s Conservative Party wins a simple and clear majority with 336 seats – 65 seats ahead of its nearest rival the Labour Party. Six Black/Asian members of parliament are also elected. Correspondent Leslie Goffe discusses the importance of the Black vote with media analyst Hopeton Dunn, author Robin Richardson and Professor Stuart Hall (00:33-07:33)
3. The possibility of a US invasion of Haiti to resolve the political crisis looms once again amid calls by the European Parliament for a monitoring force to be sent to Haiti, and the European Commission’s resolution to enforce the trade embargo against Haiti. This comes following the Haitian Supreme Court recent ruling that the OAS brokered accord was unconstitutional (07:33-08:43)
4. Chris Filostrat, the Public Affairs Spokesman at the US embassy in Haiti comments on the possibility of US military action, should the crisis remain unresolved in Haiti. However, João Baena Soares, OAS Secretary General dismisses the possibility as illogical (08:44-10:07)
5. Senior US Official says that the US may take away the visas of backers of the military coup that ousted Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide (10:08-10:40)
6. The London based international charity organization, Christian Aid, is set to take up a number of issues with the British government officials on behalf of the Caribbean. Chairman of the board of governors, Lady Marion Fraser, comments on the concerns to be taken to officials (10:49-13:47)
7. Carlos Aldana who is responsible for media ideology in the ruling Cuban communist party, hits out against the more than thirty foreign radio stations such as Radio Martí, who transmit hundreds of hours of programs daily to Cuba, critical of communist rule on the island (13:48-14:45)