Caribbean Report 30-11-1995


This report highlights the major political unrest ahead of Haiti's presidential elections as the US government has uncovered an assassination plot against supporters of President Aristide. Meanwhile, President Aristide has decided to leave office, after his successor takes power. In Trinidad and Tobago, Prime Minister Basdeo Panday wants to hold on to his trade union roots. Economics and politics dominates Cuba's President Fidel Castro first visit to China. China's President Jiang Zemin comments on the US embargo on Cuba and the Cuban Ambassador to China, Jose Guerra, is optimistic that the Cuban embargo will be lifted. The Jamaican Council for Human Rights is staring closure in the face by year's end and is engaged in a desperate fund raising activity to avoid this. Jamaican cricket fans have their say on the Brian Lara controversy. Brian Lara's British-based agent, Jonathan Barnett states that the cricketer needs support rather than chastisement and comments on the danger of loss of some sponsorship.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Ken Richards (00:00-00:25)
2. As Haiti prepares for its presidential elections, there could be major political unrest ahead (00:26-04:21)
3. Trinidad and Tobago's Prime Minister wants to hold on to his trade union roots (04:22-06:14)
4. Economics and politics dominate Cuba-China talks in Beijing (06:15-09:36)
5. The Jamaican Council for Human Rights faces closure by year's end (09:37-10:55)
6. Brian Lara's agent appeals for sympathy for the cricket superstar (10:56-15:12)