Caribbean Report 19-06-1990


Ronnie Brunswick, leader of the Surinamese Jungle Commando, is arrested in French Guiana. He was held at the airport for allegedly using a false passport shortly before boarding a plane to the Netherlands. The Jungle Commando rebels still have the bauxite town of Moengo under siege and it is feared that fighting can break out between the national army and the rebels. Following the Financial News, Guyana’s newest political organization, Guyanese United for Reform and Democracy, held its first public rally in Georgetown. The report concludes with three New York-based human rights organizations publishing a disturbing report on the poor conditions of thirty thousand Haitian migrant workers in the Dominican Republic.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:49)
2. Ronnie Brunswick, leader of the Surinamese Jungle Commando arrested in French Guiana as he attempted to seek political asylum in Holland. Pat Whitehorne interviews human rights activist Stanley Rensch and a foreign affairs spokesman for the opposition Liberal Party in the Netherlands (00:50-06:29)
3. Financial News. Chris Pack, Sugar Analyst, comments on the recent announcement by Cuba to increase 1989-1990 sugar production (06:30-08:08)
4. Guyana's newest political organization holds a public rally for reform and democracy. Sharief Khan interviews Randolph George, Anglican Bishop of Guyana and Mr. Persaud, Guyanese businessman (08:09-11:39)
5. Human rights violations of Haitian workers in the Dominican Republic. Chris Gunness interviews Jocelyn McCalla, Executive Director of the National Coalition for Haitian Refugees in New York (11:40-14:58)