Caribbean Report 16-01-1990


The program features the finalization of negotiations for a new Jamaican IMF aid agreement since the island failed the last IMF economic performance test. The new agreement could translate into economic pressures for Jamaica, including higher interest rates, import reductions and the devaluation of the Jamaican dollar. Secondly, the fears of Caribbean politicians that recent changes in Eastern Europe will push the region to the back of the international aid queue was confirmed by the withdrawal of twenty five million dollars in US assistance to Jamaica. Following the Financial News, an economic correspondent examines the implications of the completion of the Uruguay Round of negotiations in December 1990 on Caribbean nations. The final segment reports on the two-day Caribbean Media and Telecommunications conference in Port of Spain, Trinidad, and provides insights into a conference presentation by Andy Johnson entitled “The New World Information Order in the Strategies of the Third World States.”


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:34)
2. Jamaica signs a new IMF agreement. Interview with Canute James (00:35-04:12)
3. Trade opportunities for the Caribbean in Eastern Europe. Leslie Garth interviews a political economist of the University of Maryland (04:13-08:17)
4. Financial News (08:18-10:00)
5. Conclusion of the Uruguay Round trade negotiations and the implications for the Caribbean. James Morgan reports (10:01-11:48)
6. Features the Caribbean Media and Telecommunications in Trinidad and Tobago, and Ira Mathur's report includes a conference presentation by Andy Johnson of the Trinidad Express (11:49-14:48)