Caribbean Report 24-05-2000



Table of Contents

1. Headlines: (00:00-00:33)
2. The strike by the Grenada Broadcasting Network (GBN) seems to be spreading to other sectors. There has been a strike call from the Technical and Allied Workers Union which represents the media workers, for workers from essential services to stop working today. Airport workers have joined the strike, and some electricity workers have not reported to work. (00:34-02:59)
3. Commonwealth Secretary General, Don McKennon, The UN representatives and Don McKennon, Commonwealth Secretary are sending blunt messages to leader of the attempted coup in Fiji, that they totally disapprove of his methods. The Prime Minister and other Cabinet ministers are being held hostage by the coup members. (03:00-04:17)
4. “The African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries will propose to the European Union (EU) an alternative candidate country to Fiji for the signing of the new accord to the Lomé convention by the end of the week”. Countries with similar ethnic groups to who are working together despite differences are suggested host countries. (04:18-07:09)
5. Political parties in Surinam took a break from campaigning today before the elections on May 25. Seventeen political parties are competing for the voters’ attention, but three main ones are likely to get most of the votes. (07:10-09:58)
6. Two Pakistani test cricketers have been banned for life on the recommendation of a judge who has been investigating allegations of match-fixing in cricket. Three others are also to be fined and censored for refusing to cooperate with investigators. In India, one cricketer has denied accusations against him; while a South African cricketer has been sacked for selling pitch information. It is suspected that a former Pakistani captain may have deliberately lost a toss to the West Indies. (09:59-11:42)
7. John Bell, the CEO of the Caribbean Hotel Association, has criticized the Caribbean governments for their policy on cruise ships, especially for the absence of a uniform tax. (11:43-12:45)
8. While Elian Gonzalez and his father await the judicial decision, visitors to Cuba are not left out of the campaign for the return of the six-year-old to Cuba. Media messages and Fidel Castro are giving the case momentum. A statue of Elian costing about $2M has been erected. (12:46-15:20)