Caribbean Report 15-05-2000



Table of Contents

1. Headlines: (00:00 – 00:28)
2. The Dominican Republic is set to have the most peaceful presidential elections in years. The main candidates represent the country’s ruling party, the main opposition, and former president, Joaquin Balaguer, running on a Conservative ticket. (00:29-04:41)
3. Caribbean countries have been assured by the UK that they can continue taking matters to the Privy Council. (04:42-06:34)
4. The rise in cases of asthma in Barbados is growing concern. Barbados now has one of the highest rates in the world, according to local officials. The cause for this increase, is being investigated. (06:35-09:29)
5. The political crisis may be over in Saint Vincent, but the peace deal brokered by CARICOM and the OECS is still a topic of political debate. Some critics said that allowing opposition groupings to get their way over the heads of elected governments is not a good precedence. (09:30-12:55)
6. Director of the Montserrat Observatory, Simon Young, and his UK employer, are trying to resolve a dispute. Mr Young is not allowed to accommodate his wife and child on the island because of conflicting health advisories, one of them barring children under 12 from living on the island because of the ongoing volcanic crisis in Montserrat. (12:56-15:36)