Caribbean Report 26-12-1996



Special Edition on the future of West Indian cricket.

Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:36)
2. Beyond the Australia series Lloyd and Marshall's long term mission is to secure the future of West Indies Cricket. Cricketers Clive Lloyd is interviewed (00:37-03:10)
3. Are the days of the pace squad tech numbered? Cricketers Clive Lloyd and Rafiq Jumadin are interviewed (03:11-05:33)
4. Has Michael Jordan replaced Michael Holding as a role model? Professor of History and Director of the Centre for Cricket Research, UWI, Cave Hill Professor Hilary Beckles is interviewed (05:34-09:39)
5. Brian Lara has done it. He is the new world record holder. What is Brian Lara's role in the future of West Indian cricket? Cricketer Brian Lara is interviewed and Carol Orr reports (09:40-11:43)
6. The future of West Indian cricket depends to a degree on good relations between the board and the players (11:44-12:39)
7. Gaining an advantage on cricket means taking the lead. This former Shell Shield player, Vance Amory, wants to take the lead politically. St. Lucia Premier Vance Amory is interviewed (12:40-15:27)