Caribbean Report 14-06-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Gordon (00:28)
2. There is growing criticisms in the British Press about the decision by the Belizean Government to appoint Michael Ashcroft as its UN Ambassador. Ashcroft owes substantial investments in Belize and this financial involvement is under attack the country’s opposition political party the United Democratic Party (UDP). UDP leader, former Prime Minister Manuel Esquivel discusses Ashcroft’s financial influence on the Belizean economy (00:29 – 04:08)
3. Rebuilding West Indies cricket, the establishment of a Caribbean Court of Appeal, and a Caribbean regime for exporting bananas are three issues at the top of the agenda for CARICOM leaders when they meet in Trinidad next month for the annual summit. Caribbean Community Secretary General Selwyn Carrington discusses plans for the meeting (04:09 – 05:26)
4. Elections for members of the European parliament have been held throughout member states. In two influential countries Britain and Germany, political parties of the center right have made significant gains at the expense of the center left. The latter has been more sympathetic to the Caribbean banana regime. OECS Ambassador to Brussels Edwin Laurent gives his reaction on the development of new alliances. Keith Stone Greaves reports on the new order in the European Union. Trade Commissioner Leon Brittan analyses the changes in the political landscape (05: 27 – 08: 26)
5. Trinidad and Tobago Trade Minister Mervyn Assam attempts to generate more business for the country exports in the United Kingdom and discusses efforts to stop the decline in trade with the United Kingdom (08: 27 - 10:11)
6. Belgium has withdrawn all Coca Cola products after reports of several cases of illness in an area north of the country (10:12 – 10:38)
7. The World Cup is at the semi-final stage with matches between Australia and and South Africa. Steve Waugh speaks on his team match winning performances. Commentator Jeremy Coney analyses the series (10:39 -15:26)