Caribbean Report 21-02-1994

This report highlights the election violence in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines which left one person dead; in Antigua the date of the general election has been announced, however the two major parties - The Antigua Labour Party and the United Progressive Party have already begun campaigning; the police have arrested a Barbudan man on robbery charges in connection with the murders of an American couple and two others abroad a yacht; Queen Elizabeth stops in Guyana while on her eight nation tour and; the people of Belize air their on the Queen's visit to their country.
Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:29)
2. Voters went to the elections polls in St Vincent and the Grenadines as a nineteen year-old girl died and many more were injured, some in critical condition as a result of the violent activity on the eve of elections. Collin Williams reports (00:30-02:06)
3. Dr. Adrian Fraser UWI tutor in St. Vincent analyses the election violence in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (02:07-04:34)
4. In Antigua, the election date has been announced. Over the last few weeks the main parties have been holding campaign meetings in anticipation of the announcement. The Antigua Labour Party is being led by Lester Bird, the foreign minister. The party is campaigning on their experience government. While, Baldwin Spencer, leader of the United Progressive Party- sees the main issue as corruption (04:35-08:12)
5. Police are to charge a 21 year-old man from Barbuda in connection with the murder of four people on board in yacht three weeks ago. The man is to be charged with robbery. This is a holding charge as they continue their investigations in the death of an American couple and their British crewman on January 29th. Debbie Ransome reports (08:13-10:02)
6. On the third stop of her eight nation visit the Queen stopped at Guyana's parliament and announced that her government would assist Guyana with debt relief (10:03-12:16)
7. Correspondent David Reid reports that the Queen is expected to get a mixed reception on her arrival in Belize. The people of Belize air their views about the Queen's visit (12:17-14:44)
8. Wrap up and theme music (14:45-14:53)