Caribbean Report 04-07-2003



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:27)
2. The BBC Caribbean Service announces its upcoming programme celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of CARICOM. Antiguan Prime Minister Lester Bird is interviewed. Two Heads of Government, Vincentian leader Ralph Gonsalves and Prime Minister Kenny Anthony of Saint Lucia will be sharing their thoughts about CARICOM on this afternoon’s programme. (00:28-04:23)
3. American action against six CARICOM nations over their support for the International Criminal Court will be discussed when US President George W. Bush meets with a CARICOM delegation to Washington. CARICOM is also facing opposition to the proposed Caribbean Court of Justice from within Trinidad and Tobago (04:24-06:31)
4. Former Saint Lucian Prime Minister Sir John Compton welcomes the new initiative at closer unity involving four Caribbean countries. However, he is concerned that another failed attempt could leave Caribbean people more cynical than ever about their leaders’ pronouncements on regional integration (06:32-08:12)
5. Serious criticism directed at outgoing Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Roger Pinfold by High Court Judge Dunbar Cenac is to be discussed by the Dominica Bar Association at an emergency meeting. (08:13-11:34)
6. Seven parties in the Netherland Antilles are expected to finalise the preparation of a governing accord for the next federal government. Parties in the Netherland Antilles have been negotiating since the May 23rd elections to decide who will be included in the next coalition administration (11:35-11:55)
7. The European Union expresses deep concern at the circumstances surrounding the resignation of Haiti’s police chief and the appointment of his successor. Jean-Robert Faveur stood down as the Acting Head of Police just two weeks after being sworn in. He then fled the country to Miami with his family (11:56-13:13)
8. In the Dominican Republic, the Minister of the Armed Forces warns that Haiti poses a serious threat to his country. The Minister also believes that this grave threat is not military but social and economic. Mike Jarvis reports (13:14-14:57)
9. A quick reminder on the upcoming ‘Caribbean Interactive’ programme with Orin Gordon also promises listeners that their participation is more or less guaranteed if they were to call the number provided during the broadcast (14:58-15:35)