Caribbean Report 23-05-2000




Weir, Karen (anchor)
The British Broadcasting Corporation
Brewster, Havelock (interviewee)
Gordon, Orin (correspondent)
Stones-Graves, Keith (correspondent)
Fergus, Howard (interviewee)
Burns-Piper, Angella (correspondent)
Niles, Bertram (correspondent)

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The British Broadcasting Corporation



Table of Contents

1. Headlines: (00:00-00:26)
2. Fiji’s tribal chiefs have called on the leaders of the attempted coup to release the Prime Minister and other hostages. The chiefs have joined the Fijian President in calling for a peaceful end to the siege. (00:27-03:24)
3. Two days after the vote, questions continue to be raised about Haiti’s elections. Criticism of how the election was conducted has been joined by the Haitian Christian Movement. (03:25-06:27)
4. Elections are almost eighteen months away in Montserrat, but the government is expected to give the ‘go-ahead’ for work to begin on the new voters list by the middle of next week. (06:28-11:14)
5. There has been a sharp rise in the incidents of domestic violence in the British Virgin Islands. A petition with over 17000 signatories calling for the establishment of an official mandatory, and coordinated response system to address the issue was delivered to Acting Governor, Elton Georges. (11:15-13:23)
6. After the match between the West Indies and Pakistani ended in a draw in Barbados, the cricketers are travelling to Antigua for the final match of their series. (13:24-15:17)