Caribbean Report 09-02-1990


The program reports on the decision by the Dominican Republic to abandon their plans to export bananas to Europe, the result of opposition from the Caricom countries. Following the Financial Market news, the economic future of Suriname is of concern to Surinamese politicians in their quest to attract foreign investments. The next segment covers the clash between Cuba and the United States in the UN Security Council, with each accusing the other of violating international laws and conventions over a recent attack on a Cuban freighter by the US Coast Guard in the Gulf of Mexico. In the sporting segment, English cricketer Ricardo Elcock prepares to return to England due to a back injury. The report concludes with the stories of Caribbean interest appearing in the British press, including the visit of Rev. Jessie Jackson to London and racism in Russia.


Includes musical interlude at the beginning of the report.

Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-01:33)
2. Dominican Republic bows to Caricom pressure by pledging to abandon banana exports to Europe. Hugh Crosskill interviews Joaquin Ricardo, Secretary of State for Foriegn Affairs in Dominican Republic (01:34-06:03)
3. Financial News with comments from Clive Thomas, Professor of Economics at the University of Guyana (06:04-07:40)
4. Suriname seeks economic assistance. Chandra van Binnendijk reports from Paramaribo (07:41-10:00)
5. Cuba and the United States clash in the UN Security Council. Pam O'Toole reports (10:01-12:04)
6. English cricketer, Ricardo Elcock return to England with an injury. Christopher Martin Jenkins reports (12:05-13:07)
7. Stories of Caribbean interest appearing in the British press (13:08-15:48)