Caribbean Report 15-02-1990


The program reports on the banana battle between the Dominican Republic and the Caricom producing states. Despite the announcement of the Dominican Republic last week to abandon the plan to export bananas to Europe, it is now clear that the Republic will export bananas to Switzerland, Austria, Poland and Czechoslovak. Although these countries are outside of the EEC and the agreement under the Lome Convention, the motives of the Dominican Republic are questioned. Secondly, the Caribbean banana producers are also warned not to be caught in the banana trap and are encouraged to diversify in 1992. Following the Financial News, the Commission of Eminent West Indians, set up to promote the goals of the treaty establishing Caricom, announces the creation of a Secretariat in Barbados. The report concludes with a reflection on the performance of the English cricketers at the first one-day international and comments on the condition of the pitch.


Includes a musical interlude at the beginning of the report.

Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-01:36)
2. Outrage from Trinidad as the Dominican Republic still plans to ship bananas to Europe. Hugh Crosskill interviews Sahadeo Basdeo, Chairman of the Caricom Council of Ministers (01:37-05:02)
3. Leading Caribbean trade unionist states the need for banana producers to diversify. Interview with Earline Horne, General Secretary of the National Farmers Union of St. Vincent (05:03-08:25)
4. Financial News. Chris Pack, Chief Analyst of Cezanne Accounts comments on the future of sugar production for Caribbean producers (08:26-09:58)
5. Commission of Eminent West Indians sets up Secretariat next month. Sandra Baptiste interviews Shridath Ramphal (09:59-13:31)
6. Sport segment focuses on the performance of the English cricketers in the upcoming one-day international. Christopher Martin Jenkins interviews England's captain, Graham Gooch (13:32-15:54)