Caribbean Report 14-07-1995


In this report: the West Indies cricket team will have to buck up its game if it wants to avoid being further fined for failing to achieve the minimum overs for test matches. Following bribery allegations, the ICC has inserted an additional paragraph into its Code of Conduct forbidding players and officials from laying bets on matches. The Jamaica Opposition party is warning the PJ Patterson Administration not to commit the country to a Caribbean Court of Appeal. Recently the Jamaica Gleaner lost a record twenty-three million Jamaican dollar libel lawsuit. The Managing Director, Oliver Clarke comments on how this will impact on the way the paper practices journalism. British MP Bernie Grant recounted that it has been a bad month for blacks in Britain. Grant described the black community as reeling after a month of sustained insults. In the US there are voices of protest against the new wave of gangster rap. Activist Delores Tucker expressed her concern about the damage the music does to the image of African Americans.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Carol Orr (00:00-00:30)
2. Stricter fines for slow players, the West Indies team will have to speed up its game (00:31-03:12)
3. In Jamaica, the Opposition is warning the government not to commit the country to the Caribbean court of appeal (03:13-04:50)
4. The Jamaica Gleaner has lost a record twenty-three million dollar libel lawsuit (04:51-06:32)
5. Politicians in London lament that it has been a bad month for black people in Britain (06:33-10:33)
6. Violent lyrics in America's gangster rap raises concerns in New York (10:34-15:10)