Caribbean Report 17-02-1998

Table of Contents
1. Headlines with Keith Stone Greaves (00:00-00:25)
2. The British House of Commons set to debate the British handling of the volcanic crisis in Montserrat. Orin Gordon reports that too much bureaucracy prevented the aid from reaching Montserrat (00:26-02:45)
3. Caribbean Attorney Generals fine-tune the details of a draft agreement on a regional Court of Appeal. Jurist Telford Georges has discounted the regional Supreme Court as flawed but Jamaica's Attorney General points out that this has little to do with disappointment with the Privy Council (02:46-06:12)
4. The Leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan visits Cuba to discuss the US embargo against Cuba (06;13-08:04)
5. After 21 years, England's cricket team has won a test match against the West Indies in Trinidad. England's captain Mike Atherton describes the intense moments of the match. West Indies Manager Clive Lloyd comments that he expected a better showing from the batsmen (08:05-11:15)
6. Barbadian commentator Donna Symmonds has become the darling of the British media as the first woman commentator in an international test series. Donna Symmonds comments on how she came into the world of cricket commentary (11:16-14:12)
7. Recap of top stories (14:13-14:45)