Caribbean Report 01-04-1998

Table of Contents
1. Headlines with Orin Gordon (00:00-00:24)
2. EU Parliament has been debating the EU's future relationship with the ACP states as the Lome Convention expires in 2000 (00:25-01:58)
3. The Caribbean Council for Europe has released a document which it hopes will alert EU members of the possible impacts of the Commission's proposal on ACP states. The Commission wants to separate the negotiations for future EU-ACP relationship (01:59-03:47)
4. In Guyana, Leader of United Force, Mansoor Nadir insists that he was misled by CARICOM Secretary-General Edwin Carrington. Colin Smith reports on the claim made and the indirect rebuke from the CARICOM Chairman Keith Mitchell (03:48-07:12)
5. Report on the effects of the crisis on business in Guyana and David Yankana states that all parties should accept the findings of the Audit team since it is crucial to the economic revival of Guyana (07:13-10:14)
6. Two months after Britain announced that it was considering restoring the right of abode to citizens in its remaining territories, Caribbean states comment that they are not too keen on the idea (10:15-13:22)
7. In the US, Louis Farrakhan has made one of the men convicted of assassinating Malcolm X, Muhammed Abdul Aziz, Chief of Security for the Harlem mosque. Leslie Goffe reports on the reactions from the African American community (13:23-15:12)