Caribbean Report 01-12-2000

Table of Contents
1. Headlines: (00:00-00:26)
2. St Lucians are concerned about the escaped Barbadian prisoner, Alfred Harding, who was shot and killed by police. This has resulted in widespread dispute, and the Prime Minister Kenny Anthony had intervened. (00:27-02:51)
3. The high rate of AIDS/HIV in the region is cause for concern. Experts at Grenada University Conference warned that it is far from reaching its peak. The statistics show “that 65% of persons living in the Caribbean with HIV/AIDS are dying or already gone”. It is recommended that 100% use of condoms be practiced in all “risky sexual behaviours”. (02:52-05:54)
4. UNAIDS felt that the emergence of HIV/AIDS has not influenced a change in the attitude in men towards sex. This was said during the “Men start a difference Campaign” in Jamaica and Trinidad. (05:55-08:18)
5. There were issues concerning the upcoming Guyanese elections. These issues included the voters’ list, which it was felt by many included the names of deceased persons, persons who were out of the country etc. According to one interviewee, there is no cause for alarm as the processing of the list will be transparent and open to public scrutiny. (08:19-11:23)
6. The opposition party in Haiti continues to denounce the winner of the Haitian election which was won by Mr Bertrand Aristide. Mr Aristide’s party holds majority seats in both houses. (11:24-14:39)
7. The outcome of the votes of Florida will determine whether Republican George Bush or Democratic Al Gore becomes the next US President. (14:40-15:23)