Caribbean Report 17-05-2000



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:35)
2. It has been confirmed that the Dominican Republic opposition candidate, Hipolito Mejia, has defeated Joaquin Balaguer, at the polls. Balaguer conceded defeat in the country’s general elections. (00:36-03:09)
3. In Haiti, the general elections are just 4 days away, and continuous violence is threatening to overshadow the polls. Twelve lives were lost during the past month, eleven linked to the opposition party. (03:10-06:07)
4. The US Coast Guard has rescued 44 Haitians and 2 American journalists found aboard a sinking ship off the northern coast of Haiti. They were taken to a nearby island in the Bahamas. “The reporters were working on assignment from the NY Times on a story about the plight of thousands of Haitian immigrants who try to reach the US every year”. (06:08-06:40)
5. In Dutch St Marten, government’s plan to introduce a tax to raise money to offset some of the effects of hurricane damage is being opposed by businessmen. The plan is causing a political nightmare for the government as there was no prior consultation with stakeholders. (06:41-09:44)
6. The government of Jamaica is to sell many of the financial enterprises and hotels it rescued 18 months ago. Finance Minister, Omar Davis, is in Port of Spain attempting to get Trinidadian investors to take some of the businesses off his hands. (09:45-11:52)
7. Caribbean Rights said they are appalled but not surprised at the Trinidad and Tobago’s Attorney General’s unwarranted attack on human rights bodies. The Jamaican government is accused by Amnesty International for intimidating human rights workers (11:53-15:21)